Cathy & Jeremy Wedding @ Sydney Australia

It was a privilege to be invited to photo shoot for Cathy and Jeremy’s wedding at Sydney, Australia. There’s something about a westernized wedding that fascinated me always – how much they involve in “HAVING FUN”!!! Don’t even think that this is easy, when you have a million things on your to-do list on the wedding day, you will always feel the pressure and stress. But Cathy and Jeremy is a completely different case. They have everything well planned, then so hands-off and enjoyed every minute to be together. This ladies and gentlemen, is what a “wedding” suppose to be.

On the wedding day the weather started out so perfect, warm and sunny even during Aussie’s winter. then gradually it turned cloudy and temperature dropped rapidly after the wedding ceremony. But I have to thank the awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen as they still enjoyed their time photo shooting and having …. a few drinks. (smile) There were so much interations going on the whole day, and their banquet were exceptional! Excellent speeches made by the bride’s dad and the best man, and exciting first dance followed by tones of crazy drinking. It was an awesome party and I enjoyed it so much!

Cathy and Jeremy, you and your family welcomed me in and treated me as part of your family, I have forever grateful. Have all the fun you can, and enjoy every single minute to be together!

Johnathan Lee Fine Art Photography