"Feather" - photo project with 2016 Miss International Hong Kong Kelly Chan

~ Feather ~
“She took the leap
and built her wings on the way down”

One afternoon I talked to my very good friend, famous beauty blogger Poppy Lau and Celebrity Hair Stylist Edmond Leung saying, "we are talented in our own way, why don't we do something together and show the world something a little different? Then I happen to learn an inspiring story about a feather and a brave young gal .... can it be?

Taking the first look at the photo, you see this brave and beautiful girl sitting on a chair. If you take a closer look, you soon find that the photo is a little different -  the girl is like a feather gently sitting on the chair! A special project we created -  "Feather"!

When we had this idea, we instantly have an idea to invite our good friend, 2016 Miss International Hong Kong Kelly Chan to be our model! Her beauty and her determination in her eyes makes her the perfect person to showcase our idea! Thanks Kelly, you did GREAT!
Here are some other photos of the beautiful Kelly we shot that day, enjoy!

Model: 2016 Miss International Hong Kong Kelly Chan 陳約臨
Stylist: Poppy Lau
Hair Styling: Edmond Leung
Photography: Johnathan Lee
Wardrobe: Tin E Atelier

Johnathan Lee Fine Art Photography
w: www.johnathanlee.com.hk
e: info@johnathanlee.com.hk